Principal's Message

Dr Vincent B. Netto

Fatima Mata National College (Autonomous) has a story of success to relate. As one of premier autonomous institutions in the state, it has made commendable headway by consistently contributing towards educational excellence, social equity, and generation and dissemination of knowledge.

Change is an imperative condition for survival, and adaptability, the surest mantra for success.  The topmost priority of Fatima College is to build the academic sinews of the  students and help them be open-minded to change and equipped for adaptability.

Two years of autonomy have helped us a lot in addressing the challenging issues of higher education in India. The New Initiatives under Autonomy including Syllabus Revision, Online Admission Process, Automated Student Support Services of e-attendance and SMS alert, Academic Programme Evaluations by APEC (Internal Monitoring) and External Expert Panel, New Undergraduate Programmes under SF stream, Strict Adherence to Academic and Examination Calendar, Prompt Publication of Results, Mentoring, etc. have helped the college scale greater heights.

Fatima has been a trend setter in honing and shaping students to be meaningful citizens of tomorrow.  Determined to reap the demographic dividends with 50% of tertiary population of the country, special effort will be taken to enhance our students’ employability and to develop the various skills (life skills, soft skills and entrepreneurial skills) for a full blossoming of their personality. Several short term courses are on the anvil to achieve this goal.

In the contemporary scenario, we see many enthusiastic clients queuing up for structured courses but paying little attention to research. Fatima College is determined to correct this anomaly by providing students opportunities for the development of research skills and avenues for experimenting with the cutting edge of research and contemporary thought.

The WiFi Campus to be realized in a short span of time will facilitate digital learning technologies, internet connectivity and accessibility on a wider platform.

The college is committed to serving the underprivileged and underserved populations in society.  The numerous scholarships and financial aid given on merit-cum-means basis to students bear eloquent testimony to this.

Life at Fatima is not just academic firewall. Campus life at Fatima exudes a cultural vibrancy and a sense of community. This family revels in the creative pursuit of extra-curricular activities.    

Fatima is geared towards the transformation of society through value based education, human making and nation building. Ours is an education for life, not merely for living and livelihood.

I invite to join the Fatima fraternity in the formative years of life.

Best Wishes

Dr Vincent B. Netto