Principal's Message

Dr Vincent B. Netto

From the Principal’s Desk

Welcome to Fatima.

      Autonomy, the sine qua non of excellence, necessitates quality, accountability, responsibility and  transparency and, precisely for that reason, it is a cherished privilege to our college. The culture of learning in Fatima incorporates all the practices, support systems and resources congenial to the holistic development of students. The underlying ethos is a spirit of enquiry, intellectual curiosity, tolerance and excellence. The College sets high standards to push the frontiers of knowledge considering the demographic advantage the nation can garner in the few decades ahead. The college is committed to serve the society by making meaningful contributions to the cause of higher education. The shortage of personnel in numbers is a malaise to be remedied. But our strong will to excel will prevail and we are determined to provide for the weak and the marginalized without compromising on quality. Taking into consideration the larger role the college has to play in public life, we are determined to equip the youth of Fatima to reach higher goals. It is high time we geared ourselves for the challenges of the future, for we don’t believe in preparing our roofs when the storm comes. Self-development, Pluralistic outlook and Environmental protection are our priorities. Dialogues, debates and consensus are our precepts.

      Swacch Fatima and Haritham Campus will take us a long way in cleaning our immediate environment. Zero Waste is our goal, and a sound disposal of garbage is inevitable. It is for us to save our planet from ecological collapse and fellow-humans from destructive personal habits. Fatimites are uncompromising in saying No to plastics, No to drinks and No to drugs. We have made commendable headway by consistently contributing towards quality and value based education. But more and better changes have to be ushered in. As you all know, the college is preparing itself for the fourth cycle of NAAC accreditation. We need to prove our academic mettle at the national forum and earn a creditable grade not merely for accessing funds for our development but, more importantly, for attracting brilliant minds to our departments as well as our classrooms, and making our college a well-known centre of knowledge creation and dissemination. As the principal, I look forward to your earnest involvement in all these positive and creative projects.

Best Wishes.

Dr Vincent B. Netto