Cooperative Store


The college runs a Co-operative Store which is registered as a Co-operative Society under the Co-operative Societies Act 1951 (X of 1952). The management of the society is vested in a Board of Directors consisting of the Principal (as the ex-officio President), two members of the staff (as Treasurer and as Secretary), a staff representative and three student representatives. Every student over 18 years and every staff member of the college is eligible for admission as a member. A student below 18 years may be admitted as an associate on payment of an entrance fee of Rs. 2/-. The aim of the society is to encourage thrift and self-help as well as to make available books, stationery and other articles to students at reasonable prices.

Dr Vincent B. Netto President
Dr Biju Mathew Secretary
Mr Ratheesh C Member
Mr Joseph Gardian Member
Student Representatives 2