Students’ Club


The Science Club aims at promoting awareness among students about the contemporary developments in science and technology through seminars, workshops, lectures, surveys and projects.

  • Dr Rubin Jose (Convenor)
  • Ms Nisha Tomas
  • Ms Ann Varghese
  • Dr Sheena Mary Y.
  • Mr Fresnal Das


           The Literary Club and Debate Club are formed to familiarize the students with different schools of art, sculpture, painting styles and modes of literature, and to train them in effective public speaking, to help develop their oratorical skills, improve their handwriting through calligraphy, and sharpen their imagination through creative writing. It also prepares them for debates, elocution and quiz competitions through regular training programmes.


  • Dr Cynthia Catherine Michael (Convenor)
  • Dr Satheesh Kumar G.
  • Ms Linda Pious
  • Ms Alice Dominic
  • Dr Manoj S.
  • Ms Veena Susan Mathew


  • Dr Clara B. Reshma (Convenor)
  • Ms Linda Pious
  • Ms Mary C.
  • Ms. Jaya Sunny
  • Ms Jenniffer Fernandez


  • Dr Parvathy S. (Convenor)
  • Dr Biju Mathew (Joint Convenor)
  • Mr Christy Clement
  • Ms. Mini V.
  • Mr Anil Kumar                                         


  Committee organizes classes to prepare students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/ Minorities to get gainful employment in central and other services

  • Mr Ratheesh Kumar R. (Convenor)
  • Dr Mercy Famila
  • Ms Minu Elza R.
  • Ms Sahni Mary Roosevelt
  • Ms Jyothi L Krishna
  • Dr Seethal Lal


This committee organizes Remedial coaching to weaker students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Minority communities so as to make them come up to the level necessary for pursuing higher studies efficiently and to bring them to the national mainstream.

  • Dr T. C. Kochuthresia (Convenor)
  • Dr Clara Bernadette Reshma
  • Dr Manoj S.
  • Ms Alice Dominic
  • Ms Stella S.
  • Mr Fresnal Das
  • Mr Vinu V.


The committee organizes classes to prepare SC/ST/OBC/ Minority candidates for appearing in NET/SET so as to equip them pursue academic careers.

  • Dr Biju Mathew (Convenor)
  • Dr Rubin Jose
  • Ms Amritha Nelson
  • Dr Sheena Mary Y.
  • Ms Anila C.
  • Ms Athika M.K.
  • Mr Bino C. Das


Constituted to popularize the “Save our Environment” drive among the student community, this club conducts seminars, study classes and nature camps with the involvement as well as co- operation of the local people. It has organized a “Green Group” for the protection and maintenance of trees on the campus.

  • Dr Shaiju P. N. (Convenor)
  • Ms Nisha Thomas
  • Dr B. Sinilal
  • Ms Anju Rani Jospeh
  • Dr A S Sandhya


  • Dr Manoj S.                                    (Convener)
  • Mr Ignatius J.
  • Ms Nisha Thomas
  • Ms Stella S


The Theatre club has been set up to create awareness among the  students of the college about dramas, one-act plays, films as well as educative and informative documentaries. In order to hone their histrionic skills, students are given training in acting, stage management, operating light and sound, make up and costume designing. The club hopes to conduct discussions and workshops on drama & film appreciation. Campus Theatre stages plays and conducts seminars on various aspects of drama.

  • Ms Alice Dominic (Convenor)
  • Dr A. S. Pratheesh
  • Dr Nishi C. R.
  • Ms Raji J.


The Film Club was established by some enthusiastic faculty members to promote the cinematic culture among the students of FMNC and to encourage a milieu where ‘Poetry in motion’ becomes one of the great sources of their aesthetic and academic excellence. The objectives of the Film Club are:

  • To help students to make short video films
  • To create awareness and provide training in the new trends in film making.
  • To screen good films and evaluate them critically.
  • To conduct seminars, workshop, Quiz competitions and Film Festivals.
  • Dr Girish U. (Convenor)
  • Dr Sinilal B.
  • Mr Prijith Jacob
  • Mr Arun J.G.
  • Ms Lilly R.
  • Ms Liya Joy


The Radio Club intends to empower the students and staff of the college and helps them fine tune their creative talents in the arena of communication and broadcasting. The club provides hands-on experience in the ever expanding community radio. Radio Benziger, a community radio service under the diocese of Quilon provides the platform in this endeavor. 

  • Dr Saju S. (Convenor)
  • Mr Manoj Kumar
  • Ms Jaya Sunny


 This club is instituted to create and develop entrepreneurial skills among the students of the college. The purpose is to inculcate and popularize the ideas and practices of independent means of sustenance through self-employment, and to train the students to be mentally prepared to be providers of employment rather than seekers of employment. The club shall arrange in the industrial visits and conduct seminars with successful entrepreneurs as resource persons.

  • Dr Valsalachandran (Convenor)
  • Ms. Minu Elza R.
  • Mr Manu V.
  • Ms Margret 


The Tourism Club is constituted in this institution, as per the Tourism Policy of the Government of Kerala, to create a drive among the student community to promote tourism. This club functions under the auspices of the District Tourism Promotion Council.

  • Mr John Britto (Convenor)
  • Ms. Amritha Nelson
  • Mr. Siju Wills
  • Ms Ancy Albert


In order to promote the cultivation of values and to instill in the students a need for a sense of ethics and values in all spheres of life, value education is provided to the students, through talks, classes, discussions and seminars.

  • Mr Stancilaus S. (Convenor)
  • Dr Christa Pereira
  • Dr Mary Nancy T. E.
  • Ms Ann Varghese
  • Ms Annie Johnson
  • Rev. Fr Sanu Francis


To help in the Christian formation of catholic students and to promote qualities of catholic leadership, a unit of the All India Catholic University Federation is functioning in the college. All catholic students are its members. The AICUF members occasionally meet in small groups to evaluate and plan future programmes of study and action. The AICUF also involves its members in leadership programmes, work camps and seminars. It helps members better their prospects and bring out their latent talents. The movement also helps students consider carefully their plans on leaving the college.

  • Dr Mary Nancy T. E. (Convenor)
  • Ms Mary C.
  • Ms Roshiny M.
  • Mrs Mila Michael