Class Counsellors and Mentors


In order to facilitate better coordination of class activities, the class coordinator system functions very effectively in Fatima. It aims at building up a better student community by helping maintain discipline and order among students. The ‘open house system’ introduced recently gives an opportunity for the parents and teachers to meet together and discuss the problems and progress of the students concerned. A class coordinator cum counsellor is in charge of each class. S/he monitors the attendance and progress of the students of the class. S/he directs group activities like excursions and socials. All applications for leave, financial help, conduct certificate etc. should be forwarded through him/her.

I B.Com - Ms Catherine E. Pereira
II B. Com - Mr Peter John
III B. Com - Mrs Sangeetha Vincent
I M. Com - Dr Tinsy Rose Tom
II M. Com - Dr Valsalachandran

I B.A (A Batch) - Ms Minu Elza R.
I B.A (B Batch) - Ms Neethu M. Mathew
II B.A. (A Batch) - Ms Liya Joy
II B.A. (B Batch) - Mr Benjamine Varghese
III B.A. (A Batch) - Mrs Stella S.
III B.A. (B Batch) - Mr Ratheesh C.
I M. A. - Ms. Shalini Mathews
II M.A. - Dr Mary Antony

I B.A - Mr Stancilaus S
II B.A. - Ms Jaya Sunny
III B.A. - Mr Sony J
I M.A. - Dr S Parvathy
II M.A. - Dr Cynthia Catherine M.

I B.A - Mr Joby M Babu
II B.A. - Mr. Vijindas S
III B.A. - Dr C. Francis

I B.A - Mr Arun J. G
II B.A. - Dr A.S.Pradheesh
III B.A. - Dr Shelley M.R.
I M.A. - Mr Arun Kumar V
II M.A. - Mr Gireesh U

I B.Sc - Ms. Siji V
II B.Sc - Dr Shaiju P.N.
III B.Sc - Dr A.S. Rubin Jose
I M.Sc - Dr Sinilal
II M.Sc - Dr M. Maria Brigit

I B.Sc - Ms. Namitha L. K
II B.Sc - Dr Noeline B Fernandez
III B.Sc - Mrs Mini V.
I B.Sc Polymer - Dr Apsara A. P
II B.Sc Polymer - Dr Suma N.
III B.Sc Polymer - Mrs Sherinmol
I M.Sc - Dr Sarau Devi A
II M.Sc - Dr Shibu Joseph S.T.

I B.Sc - Dr Anil Kumar S.
II B.Sc - Ms Sindhu V.
III B.Sc - Mrs Roshini B.  
I M.Sc - Mrs Ann Varghese
II M.Sc - Mr Joseph Xavier

I B.Sc - Dr Christa E. Pereira
II B.Sc - Ms Bindhu Christopher
III B.Sc - Dr Jojo P.J.
I M.Sc - Mr Sunil A
II M.Sc - Mr R. Ratheesh Kumar

I B.Sc - Ms. Aparna K. K
II B.Sc - Mr Sijin K.S.
III B.Sc - Dr Sajimon P.P.
I M.Sc - Mr. Fresnal Das
II M.Sc - Dr Anil Jose P.S.

I B.Sc - Dr Sarlin P J
II B.Sc - Dr. Sherly Williams
III B.Sc - Ms Nisha Thomas P
I M.Sc - Dr Antony Akhila Thomas
II M.Sc -Dr Mary Tresa Miranda