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For all UG and PG programmes the academic year consists of two semesters. The duration of the First Degree programme shall be six semesters and PG programme four semesters. The duration of each semester shall be five months inclusive of the days of examinations. There shall be at least 90 working days and a minimum of 450 hours of instruction in a semester. For UG Programmes, odd semester (June-Oct) commences in June and even Semester (Dec-April) commences in December every year.

Admission and Withdrawal

1.       Students are ordinarily admitted at the beginning of the first semester of the different programmes of study.

1.1     Applicants for the Undergraduate programme should have passed the Plus-Two Examination or its equivalent and those for the Postgraduate programme should have passed the Undergraduate Examination approved by the University.

1.2     Application shall be submitted online.

1.3     At the time of admission all students should present Transfer and Good Conduct Certificates from the institution they last attended. Students who have obtained their qualifying certificates from Universities or Boards of Examinations other than those of Kerala should produce the following documents.

  • Migration Certificate from the University in which they were educated,
  • University Diploma qualifying them for admission to the programme which they wish to undergo and
  • Eligibility certificate from the University of Kerala (declaring them eligible for admission)

1.4     Qualifying certificates submitted by the students at the time of admission will be returned only on completion of the programme of study. Certificates and mark sheets of qualifying examinations should be claimed at least within three months after the completion of the programme of study. The college office will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the certificates and mark sheets left unclaimed after the above-mentioned period.

1.5     Any candidate who is found to have obtained admission by false representation will be dismissed and will forfeit whatever fees s/he may have paid.

1.6     No candidate will be enrolled or allowed to attend any class until the first instalment of fees is paid.

1.7     The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning reasons.

1.8     Students applying for Transfer Certificate or Conduct Certificate should apply in the prescribed form after clearing all dues. They should surrender their identity cards to the library before taking the Transfer Certificate.

1.9     Students, applying for any certificate or corresponding with the principal, should furnish all particulars required for identification such as full name with initials, class last attended, admission number, course to which they belonged and the year in which they left the college. When a reply by post is desired, a self-addressed stamped envelope should be enclosed.

1.10   Any student who leaves the college before completing the course without written permission of the Principal or without paying all arrears of fees or dues, will not receive any certificate.

1.11   Students shall forward correct information regarding their residence to the college in the prescribed form. Subsequent changes, if any, should be reported to the Principal.

1.12   Identity cards will be issued to students at the time of admission.

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