Academic Council

The Academic Council shall have the following powers and functions in relation to examination. 

  • To exercise general supervision over the academic work of the College and to give direction regarding methods of instruction, evaluation and research for improvement of academic standards.
  • To prescribe curriculum / courses of studies for courses leading to degrees and diplomas;
  • To scrutinize and approve the proposals of Boards of Studies with or without modification;
  • To formulate rules and regulations for conduct of examinations and evaluation, not inconsistent with the provisions of the Examination Manual.

Dr Vincent B Netto, Principal (Chairman)
Dr P. J. Jojo, Secretary
Dr K. Padmakumar (University Nominee)
Dr G. Suresh Singh (University Nominee)
Dr Suresh R. (University Nominee)
Dr Stephen Nigli Joseph
Dr Sinda Mendez
Adv. Francis John
Prof. Hycinth Sophia Paul
Dr Titus A.R.
Dr K. S. Dersanambika
Dr Thomas Bennans
Dr Sheeja Mathews
Dr Mary Antony
Dr Varghese Roshan Maria
Dr Ivy Philip
Dr Mary Teresa P Miranda
Prof. Sylvia Antony
Dr Kochuthresia T. C.
Dr Radhika P.
Dr Joseph James
Dr Shelly M. R.

Dr C. Francis
Mr P. M. James
Mr Prijith Jacob Thomas