The Autonomous System

Fatima Mata National College has been conferred the status of autonomy by the University Grants Commission with the concurrence  of the Government  of Kerala with effect from
2014-15. Credited to be the first autonomous college of Kollam, this college is competent to take up the challenges  and transcend into  an institution  of excellence. The  academic freedom conferred by autonomy permits the college to conduct academic programmes, to accommodate innovative instructional methodologies and to develop curriculam relevant to the changing  social scenario. Perhaps the benefits of autonomy stem from the diverse educational experiences  and opportunities an autonomous institution  provides  to all the stakeholders.  It is for the  student community  to make the maximum use of the varied openings  for an all-round development.

As an autonomous institution,  the  college  has the following committees to ensure  its proper  functioning.

Governing Council (GC) 
Academic Council (AC) 
Board of Studies (BS) 
Finance Committee  (FC)

Governing Council  (GC)

The Governing Council has the following powers.

  • To approve new programmes of study leading to the award of degrees and diplomas;
  • To fix the fees and other  charges,  payable  by the students with the concurrence of the Government;
  • To approve  the rates of remuneration, honorarium, TA, DA and incidental expenses related to examination and tabulation;
  • To approve  the code of conduct  of examination  including the  norms for admission  to various programmes and to approve  and  publish  results for award  of Degrees  and diplomas;
  • To institute scholarships, fellowships, studentships, medals and certificates on the recommendations of the Academic Council;
  • To make regulations  for sports, extra-curricular activities, proper  maintenance and functioning  of the playgrounds and hostels;
  • To exercise such other  powers  and  perform  such other functions  and  to constitute such Committees  as it may deem necessary for the proper development of the College and to fulfill the objectives of autonomy;
  • By a resolution  to delegate to the Chairman, Principal or any other member  of the Sub-Committees  or ad hoc Committees  such of its powers as it may deem fit, subject to the condition that the action taken by the Chairman or the Principal or the members  concerned of the Committee/  Sub-Committee  / Ad hoc Committee.

Academic Council (AC) 

The Academic Council shall have the following powers and functions in relation to examination.

  • To exercise general  supervision  over the  academic  work of the College and to give direction regarding  methods of instruction,  evaluation  and research  for improvement of academic  standards;
  • To prescribe curriculum / courses of studies for courses leading to degrees  and diplomas;
  • To scrutinize and approve  the  proposals  of Boards of Studies with or without  modification;
  • To  formulate  rules and  regulations  for conduct  of examinations  and evaluation, not inconsistent  with the provisions of the Examination Manual.

Board of Studies (BS)

Functions of the Board of Studies :

  • Prepare  the curriculum for various courses keeping  in view the objectives of the College;
  • Suggest   a  panel   of  names   to  the  Controller  of Examinations for appointment of questionpaper setters and examiners;
  • Co-ordinate research, teaching, extension and any other academic  activity in the department/college;
  • Suggest  methodologies for innovative  teaching  and evaluation  techniques;
  • Monitor teaching,  learning  in the  College through assessment of learners’ performance and suggest improvement / modification on the basis of such assessment;
  • Change, modify / improve the curriculum in a subject, if necessary, after assessment of learners’ performance, teachers’ opinion and new developments in the subject.

Finance Committee  (FC)

The Finance  Committee  will advise  the  governing Council on financial matters  and shall meet  at least twice a year.

Autonomous System
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