Department Profile

Department of Botany was established in 1952. Under Graduate course in Botany was started in 1952 and the Post Graduate course in 1961. Now the department is functioning as the nodal department in coordinating the UGC-Innovative Post Graduate course in Food & Dairy Biotechnology. Department is supported by DST, Govt. of India through FIST programme. The department stepped into active research in 2000 taking up research projects from various funding agencies, and University of Kerala has recognized the department as a Research Centre in Botany in 2015.  The faculty members of the department have successfully completed four research projects so far.  The Centre for Advanced Research in Botanical Sciences (CARBS) evolved in 2014 with an objective of doing research in an interdisciplinary and collaborative level, and its preliminary aspects are started to be working out.  One research projects is going on in the department funded by external agencies, and two faculty members have applied for two research projects at the moment.  There are seven Ph.D. holders and one M.Phil holder in the department. The department has made a research laboratory with the financial support from DST in the form of FIST and also UGC in the form of Innovative Programme. The department extends its facilities to students from other institutions, for doing post-graduate Project works. 

University Ranks 

2007 M.Sc. II Rank- Pillai Lekshmi Sreekumar
2008 M.Sc. I Rank – Rekh R.
2009 M.Sc. II Rank – Divya S.
2011 M.Sc. IV Rank – Rachana S. Babu
2011 M.Sc. V Rank – Rakhi
2015 M.Sc. FDB I Rank – Snigdha Nair 
2015 M.Sc. FDB II Rank – Archana G
2015 M.Sc. FDB III Rank – Sinu S. Chandran